How to Increase Semen Production- Shoot a Bigger Load

This is one of the most common desire among men. All men want to ejaculate a bigger load of semen. A larger load of semen not only enhances your fertlity by increasing your sperm count but is also likely to enhance sexual pleasure during ejaculation.

A larger amount of semen and a strong PC muscle (which you can strengthen with the help of Kegel exercises) is likely to enhance the force with which you shoot the ejaculate making orgasms highlky intense.

Improve Sperm Count and Overall Virility:In order to fertilize eggs you need a large amount of sperm, millions of them. Though an average man is able to produce this much sperm many times a day, there are a certain factors that can affect your sperm count. These include smoking, drug abuse, poor diet, lack of exercise and even wearing tight clothing in the groin area. Increasing the volume of ejaculate means increasing your fertility

Makes Sex More Pleasurable for Both You and Your Partner: When you ejaculate, your penis pumps semen and ejaculate, which many men and women find pleasurable. When you increase the amount of your ejaculate the pleasurable pumping feeling lasts longer, and also increases your pleasure. During intercourse extended pumping and orgasm pleasure improves the experience for both partners.

Most women view a larger of voume of cum as a symbol of male power and virility and also find it more visually stimulating.

Here is a simple way to increase your semen production:

Though your diet plays a crucial role and foods that are rich in zinc and folic acid and be a great help, natural semen enhancers can be the best aid to increase your semen production.

These semen enhancers are natural pills that are packed with powerful herbs such as ginkgo, saw palmetto, ginseng nd other natural ingredients like l-arginine and zinc that not only enhance your semen production but also help you get harder anf firmer erections. Furthermore, strengthening your PC muscles with the help of Kegel exercises can help you spurt semen with greater force that will further enhance the sexual pleasure on ejaculation.

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Volume Pills can help increase your semen production by as much as 500% over a period of few months. This is why 5 and 6 month packages of Volume Pills are highly popular among men.

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